518 Powerup: Donate Used Or New Chargers To Capital Region Hospitals

Thanks to all our community donations our initiative resulted in a more permanent solution with the purchase of charging stations for Albany Med. It's amazing what a community can accomplish when we work together

Featured on the News

Thank you Spectrum for featuring us on your show. The exposure resulted in many charger donations to our local hospitals and many more opportunities working with local volunteers.

Thank you News10 for featuring us on your show. The exposure resulted in many charger donations to our local hospitals and many more dropbox locations sites.

Albany Med

First off, thank you SO much for your very thoughtful (and so needed!) donation to Albany Med and so many other organizations around the Capital District!  Your efforts are making such a difference in the lives of our patients, families and staff alike!  I am just so thankful to live in such a generous community. During these very difficult times, it’s donations like this one that truly helps our patient experience, so thank you! – Rob Saba

Saratoga Hospital

“Our patients love them! On so many different levels, they have been challenged by the impact of COVID-19. Community support to provide help and relief has been wonderful. The phone charger donations helped solve an unexpected challenge for patients and families, being able to stay connected.”- Ann Marie Cross, the Administrative Director for Emergency and Urgent Care Services at Saratoga Hospital

About 518 Powerup

In 2020, hospital patients in the Capital District were in urgent need of phone chargers. Due to COVID restrictions, those accessories were in very short supply and high demand. 518 Powerup was able to collect and donate 1000 chargers through local and online efforts.

What We Need

We've reached our goal and there is no longer a need for donations at this time. Thank you for your interest!

Donated Chargers
Our Donation Goal

How It Works

It's simple! If you have a used charger in good condition please follow the process below to ship it to our 518 Powerup PO Box. If you would rather purchase a brand new one, Amazon has a large selection which can be found here and you can ship it directly to our PO Box below. A small gesture like donating a phone charging accessory can make a huge difference in someone's life.

518 Powerup Ziplock Bag

Put chargers in ziplock

Donate chargers in ziplock

Put ziplock in envelope

Send chargers to address

Send envelope to address below

518 Powerup
PO Box 1372
1764 Route 9
Halfmoon, NY 12065-9998

Are you a local business who wants to help?

We're looking for local businesses to set up dropboxes for new or used chargers! If you're interested in helping, request a 518 Powerup dropbox by clicking here.

After you donate

With your permission we'll feature you on the Facebook page and send you a personalized thank you for being part of the solution, even small donations make a big impact in keeping people connected.

Other ways to support our cause

Purchase from the 518 Powerup shop and a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards the purchase of new chargers and accessories for our local hospitals and nurses in need. Shop now!

518 Powerup Tote Bag

The Story

518 Powerup came about after seeing posts from a few Capital Region nurses working in trauma units. They expressed how within the trauma unit there is a desperate need for extra chargers. Due to COVID restrictions, visitors are not allowed to bring in any personal items.

Oftentimes, our cell phones are the only way we can keep in touch with loved ones. A small gesture such as donating a charger can make a huge difference to someone needing to connect to their family and friends. This need inspired my husband and I to create 518 Powerup by using our skills, marketing and web development, to be of service to the community.