Past Initiatives

Our Past Initiatives

We’re always coming up with ideas, some stick and others don’t. Below you will find the ones that do make their way from the ideation process to implementation. Thank you for checking out 518 PowerUp!

Charge Up Initiative

Thanks to the generosity of the Capital District community, 518 PowerUp is proud to say that we collected 1,000+ charging wires and portable chargers for our Charge Up initiative of 2020.

Support from individuals and businesses was a vital lifeline for ICU patients during the challenging times of COVID restrictions.

In the trauma units of the Capital Region, a significant problem emerged in 2020: a dire shortage of chargers.

Nurses highlighted this issue, exacerbated by COVID restrictions that barred visitors from bringing in personal items, leaving many patients without a means to charge their devices.

This is the community wide challenge that sparked the creation of 518 PowerUp’s Charge Up Initiative.

“Your efforts are making such a difference in the lives of our patients, families, and staff alike. During these very difficult times, it’s donations like this one that truly helps our patient experience.”

“Community support to provide help and relief has been wonderful. The phone charger donations helped solve an unexpected challenge for patients and families, being able to stay connected.”


In 2020, hospital patients in the Capital District were in urgent need of phone chargers.

Due to COVID restrictions, those accessories were in very short supply and high demand.

Running 3tone Digital. a web design company in Clifton Park, 518 PowerUp built a website and advertised on social media collecting and donate 1000 chargers.

Sue Serino NY State Senator

“I thank 518 PowerUp for bringing this issue to the forefront and for allowing us to partake in their initiative that will go a long way in keeping our community connected”

– Sue Serino, New York State Senator

  • NY Senate: Senator Sue Serino Partners with 518 PowerUp
  • ABC 10: 518 PowerUp Collects and Donates Phone Chargers
  • Spectrum News: Couple Collects, Donates Phone Chargers

And now we’re ready to Change Up the initiative with Surf Safe


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“Balancing work and family life teaches you a lot. I try to teach my kids how to use technology responsibly. It’s about guiding them to make smart choices, not just in the digital world but in life. And in building this website with my husband, I hope to make the digital age a bit safer and more meaningful for our kids.”


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