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The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Learning Models (LLMs) on our children’s lives is undeniable. The Surf Safe initiative aims to serve as a positive ambassador of AI while recognizing the negative challenges we’ll be facing years to come.


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What’s AI and LLM?

The good,

the bad,

and the ugly

Artificial Intelligence and Large Learning Models uncover a world of technological advancements and natural language skills, yet it also gives us new & critical challenges of ethics, data privacy, and information accuracy.



AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is a broad field in technology where machines are designed to mimic human-like thinking and decision-making.

LLMs, or Large Language Models, are a specialized subset of AI focused on understanding and generating human language, enabling complex interactions like conversation and writing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

It is similar to the neural network of the brain, seemingly thinking, learning, and making decisions on its own, much like a human does.

Large Learning Model (LLM)

They are the type of AI that is able to hold a conversation, trained to understand & use human language by learning from large amounts of text.


Learn more about artificial intelligence with these trusted online educational resources:

For Adults

For Kids

Dangerous Types of AI-generated Content on Children & Teens

When AI goes unchecked and unrestricted, particularly in unregulated chat rooms and systems without strict controls, the results can be completely unexpected.

There’s a looming risk of exposing users, especially children, to extremely sexually explicit content, creating an environment that can distort perceptions of relationships and intimacy, and pose serious threats to mental and emotional well-being.

Character-based AI Chat

These unrestricted web applications provide can expose children to content that is not age-appropriate or even harmful.

Graphic AI Content

These websites introduce ethical, legal, and safety concerns, particularly regarding consent and the potential of highly realistic imagery and video.

Stories & Literature

These sites have the potential to include any type of content, including extremely inappropriate and explicit material.

How we categorize websites & apps

Green light


Secure AI playgrounds curated for young minds, offering vetted, educational content tailored for safe, enjoyable learning.

Yellow light


These sites mix valuable learning with potential pitfalls, necessitating watchful eyes and guided navigation.

Red Light


These high-hazard AI sites are a minefield of unsuitable content and privacy threats, demanding stringent oversight.

How to Surf Safe?

Together with our community, 518 PowerUp intends to help foster a web that is safer and informed about the dangers of AI-generated content.

Use Common Sense

Remember, nothing is truly free – be wary of offers that seem overly generous or ask for personal information.

Practice PrivaCY

Always be cautious about what you share with AI, most of all interactions are stored in a database

Do Your Research

Use our safe search to check an AI website’s credibility. Make sure the website is known for being safe and appropriate.

Speak Up

Report AI websites that seem harmful to children, contribute to our Surf Safe list.


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