Promoting Safe AI for Children & Parents in the Capital District

The 518PowerUp Surf Safe initiative aims to provide resources and spark the conversation on generative AI’s positive & negative impacts on society, specifically the mental health and safety of children.

Discover tools, tips, and community support to navigate this new digital landscape with your child’s well-being at the forefront.

Generative AI is an amazing tool that can reshape the world, but we shouldn’t ignore the dangers that come along it.

About the 518PowerUp:
Surf Safe Initiative

This website aims to guide parents, children, and teachers through the ever-evolving digital landscape of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence), LLM (Large Learning Models).

This ever-growing technology can result in and amplify a variety safety and mental health issues:

  • personal privacy breaches
  • wildly inappropriate content
  • deepfake (audio and video) scams
  • distorted views of reality
  • depression & anxiety


It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to distinguish between AI-generated and real photos.

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How to Surf Safe?

With our community, 518PowerUp aims to help foster a web that is safer and informed about the dangers and benefits of generative AI

Use YOUR Common Sense

Remember that nothing is truly free – be wary of offers that seem overly generous or ask for personal information.

ALWAYS Practice PrivaCY

We all know to be cautious about what you share on social media, but you should also be careful what you share with AI.

Do Your Research

Don’t believe everything you see or hear! It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish generative AI from reality.


Follow our Era of AI guidelines to foster a safer online environment for yourself and your children.


positive mental health & well-being

the Era of AI: Guidelines

Prioritize Privacy

Teach the importance of safeguarding personal data and maintaining privacy while using AI technologies.

Critical Analysis

Scrutinize the content produced by artificial intelligence, assessing its credibility and the reliability of its sources.

Understanding AI

Maintain a clear understanding of how AI algorithms function recognize the potential biases in AI.

Ethical Engagement

Foster responsible online conduct and the ethical use of digital tools and AI through education.

Informed Guidance

Seek expert advice when facing ethical dilemmas or uncertainties in the usage of artificial intelligence.

Positive Utilization

Harness AI tools for constructive ends by adding endless insight to education and sparking creativity.


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